Mark is an exceptional writer. He was able to adopt our brand's personality effortlessly. His work needs very little if any editing and always meets his deadlines.
Tomáš Zukal
Mark is a master of the English language. Have your message stand out in front of your audience. Have it served in an appetizing way. Mark not only does the job, he will think through it and be keen to create new opportunities. Last but not least, he's fun to talk to.
John O’Mara
Mark is an immensely creative professional author who I've been fortunate enough to work with on several projects, I can always trust him to do a great job and I hope to have the pleasure of reading more of his writing in future.
The communication is perfect - he always updates you on progress, reports any issues, gives suggestions, etc. He is one of the few copywriters I know who actually follows the guidelines and delivers top quality content in a very timely manner. On top of that, he is so much fun to work with! 🙂 I honestly recommend hiring Mark - the guy is a real gem! 🙂
Mark added great value to the article. He was able to write clear, engaging copy which appealed to the target audience and made it easier to understand. I would highly recommend his services.
Alexander Ovcharenko
I can't even start expressing how thankful I am to be working with Mark. His articles are just bestsellers, the way he has edited all of our articles and papers is just WOWWWWW! I am truly amazed by Mark's talent and I admire his work so much! Thank you Mark, for all your hard work and invaluable input.
Luke B
Great work, quick turnover. Definitely recommend.
Mark produced some great copy! His knowledge of the health sector was an asset and he was able to write clear, engaging copy which appealed to the target audience. Highly recommended.