Both Avon and Mary Kay are multi-level marketing (MLM) cosmetic companies. This means they work by encouraging distributors not just to sell cosmetics, but also to recruit other people to sell for the
A few years ago, starting up an ICO might have seemed a pretty unique strategy, and a great way to simultaneously side step the enormous financial obstacles of becoming a public traded company while t
Sports will evolve as neurotechnology expands our physical possibilities. Neurocontrolled robotics will allow us to play sports at a scale we haven’t yet imagined, and with none of the physical risk
Neurotechnology introduces some huge questions into our collective near future. We’re being challenged to rethink our notions of rights, what it means to be an individual and whether the idea of bei
Back in the day, getting a kid ready for school involved purchasing exercise books and assorted stationery. The hardest decision was deciding on an A-Team or Mork and Mindy pencil case.
Neurotechnology offers vast potential to enhance how we interact with the world. However, with these possibilities come risks, particularly to fundamental aspects of our individuality and self-determi
One possibly daunting aspect of a neurotechnological future is that there will be a proliferation of information sources in our lives. Data may no longer be seen as separate from our immediate underst
Malware is an abbreviation of the phrase, “malicious software”. As the word suggests, malware refers to any kind of software which is made to do damage to your computer or the data you keep on you
Osteoarthritis is a fairly common degenerative joint condition in cats, especially among those felines which are a bit long in the fang (a polite way for saying old). In a recent study it was found th
In “Financial freedom is your choice” we explored the first important steps anyone needs to take in order to achieve financial freedom. If you haven’t already read that, we suggest you do so now
Recently, the news was aswarm with pictures of devastating fires in Northern California. The stories from survivors and firefighters were scary and moving. Now we are just barely in the aftermath of H
The most common question we’re asked at Nerds On Call is, “Do you offer computer repair near me?”The answer is, “Yes! Yes we do!” Nerds On Call is not one of those faceless IT businesses who
Gadgets get a bit of a bad rap when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and we at Nerds HQ think this is kind of a shame! Sure, your obligatory dozen red roses is a classic. And yes, there’s something to
Blood carries oxygen around the body via red blood cells. Anemia is a health condition in which the blood doesn’t have enough of these cells and the body in turn can’t get enough oxygen. Anemia is
Welcome to Part Two of our guide to how to transition a fussy cat to a kidney-friendly diet. If you haven’t read Part One, you might want to “digest” (see what I did there?) that one first. Othe
The crypto sector is thriving and an ever-growing number of people are choosing to dip a toe in the crypto pond. The problem is, the crypto sector isn’t thriving in a neat and orderly way. The crypt
Ferrets love their toys. To keep a ferret entertained you’re going to need toys, and lots of them. DIY ferret toys are a great solution. Of course, it’s cheaper to make ferret toys, but it’s als
Smartphones are designed to be small, useful and convenient—and it seems like they can help with almost any daily task. It’s probably not that surprising then that we all seem to be walking around
Dealing with a barking dog can be frustrating, and for many people thinking about which dog to bring into their life, barking is a major factor to consider. Which begs the question, ​do Labrador Ret
These days people take training very seriously. Any technology that can help athletes push themselves to new limits is in hot demand. Any edge that brings improvement faster with less effort is a hot,
In the last few articles, we’ve described in some detail what we hope to achieve at [redacted] and why. In this article, we’re going to focus on the practical side of [r], how our idea works and h
When your furry little buddy’s kidneys and urinary tract are functioning as per factory specifications there will only be tiny amounts of protein in its blood. When this filtration system begins to
Do you look at your computer and sigh, remembering the golden days when you pressed the On switch and it just worked? Is your computer getting slow and sluggish in its old age? Or maybe you’re fed u
In this two part guide, we’re looking at practical things you can do to help a cat with chronic kidney disease (CKD) feel better. If you haven’t already read ​Part One​, you may want to mosey
My cat is easily the most “together” person I’ve ever met. She’s always well-groomed. She’s rarely late. She’s religious about getting twelve hours of sleep every night, yet manages to mai
The iPhone X has received a lot of attention and hype by being the first phone on the market to feature literally no buttons on its screen surface. It’s an obsidian black masterpiece of minimalism,
A visit to Disneyland or Disney World is one of those experiences you don’t forget. Maybe it’s the magical blending of comfortable familiarity with vividly surreal wonder. Maybe it’s the promise
One of the big challenges of the traveling lifestyle is finding a way to earn money while regularly indulging your insatiable wanderlust. If you’re not lucky enough to own a golden egg dispenser,
For many of us, a beautifully paved driveway is one of those sensible home upgrades that we plan to get to “one of these days.” It’s easy to let it kind of… gradually drift down to the bottom
Here at Scruffy Paws Labs, we got tired of waiting for Black Friday and decided to invent our own day. We call it Slightly Less Black Thursday. In honor of our very own day, we’re offering customer
The Leonberger (affectionately known as the Leo) is a striking breed, sought after for its gentle temperament and massive yet cuddly proportions. Named after the German city Leonberg from where the br
One of the most striking aspects of neurotechnological innovation is the sheer variety of fields of human endeavor it’s likely to revolutionize. Name an activity that involves thought and using a de
Neurotechnology will absolutely change how we think. We’re talking about a technology that interfaces directly with our brains and which allows us to manipulate the world in directions that, in some
Purchasing a new computer can be pretty exciting. It looks so shiny and perfect when you first power it on, its high-res screen untouched by grubby human fingers. There’s just one tiny problem. It
When it comes to innovation in neurotechnology, blockchain technology isn’t just an optional gimmick. It’s a vital piece in a puzzle and a crucial, enabling foundation for safe neurocontrolled dev
Laptops are one of the coolest inventions since the flux capacitor… wait, those don’t actually exist… You get the idea. Light and portable, yet powerful enough to run all your applications so y
Going out for a night on the town is cool. Well, it can be. Is it just me or can it also be kind of hard work? I mean, it’s all well and dandy to put your fancy shoes on and head out into the
The Belgian Malinois is one of those dogs which turns heads. There’s something undeniably impressive about this breed’s proud bearing, light, athletic build, and alert intelligence. Yet the striki
I give the command with my mind and there’s a peculiar pop feeling as my consciousness arcs across the room to my robot surrogate. It feels weird and for the first few seconds I feel dizzy. I reach
After several weeks of Summer vacation, you may have noticed your couch has developed permanent child-sized indentations. Let’s face it – kids love their console games. While games are a lot of fu
A hard drive (often abbreviated to HD or HDD) is the part of your computer which stores your data. It’s defined as a “non-volatile” device, which is really just a nerdish way of saying that a h
RAM (short for Random Access Memory) is a kind of temporary data your computer needs in order to run. It’s stored on RAM chips, which are plugged into your computer’s motherboard.A lot of our cust
Your computer’s graphics may be the first thing you notice when you’re on your computer but quality of sound has to be a close second. The sound coming from your computer is generated by a nifty p
Years ago, I owned a vacuum cleaner. To be clear, I didn’t buy it. Nor do I have any recollection of someone giving it to me. One day I looked in my closet and simply discovered it nonchalantly rest
Financial freedom means that you have the financial resources you need to live the life you want for yourself.
We’re rapidly approaching a point where our brains will directly interact with technology and data. This is particularly exciting when it comes to our memories and social lives. What does the world
The Mastidoodle is often found to be a big, cheerful teddy bear of a dog with a loyal and protective streak. It is created by mixing the massive Mastiff with the curly coated Poodle. With its quick mi
More people than ever are working from home. By 2020, up to a third of the world's working population may be earning the majority of their income from the comfort of their home. Want in on that action
Your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) is the part of your computer which is most responsible for calculating. Essentially, it processes data and issues instructions about how that data needs
More than being an episodic assortment of jump scares, Black Mirror is a sometimes lurid but always imaginative exploration into the future of humanity. The show is so deeply, addictively binge-watcha
We hear this one fairly often from our customers. Many assume that the fan on their computer isn’t particularly important. After all, how can it be as critical as all the advanced electronics worki
Spyware is software which stealthily captures your data and sends it to a third-party without your permission. Some folks might ask, “So what? Does it really matter if software sits in the backgroun
Whether you’re writing an email or binge-watching hilarious cat videos, without a reliable and high-quality visual display, your computer suddenly becomes a lot less enjoyable to use. The little pie
Before your ship your kid off to college, it’s a good idea to kit them out with a few technological essentials. Of course, they’re going to need a laptop or some kind of hybrid tablet for note-tak
The Shetland Sheepdog (affectionately known as the Sheltie) are gorgeous, small-statured dogs with quick reflexes, even quicker minds and a loving, family temperament. Often mistaken for Collies, Shel
Smart home assistants are one of the fastest growing corners of the tech consumer market. In quarter 1 of 2018 alone, over nine million smart speakers were sold in the US. Compare that tidal wave of s
Everyone is different. This is hardly a controversial or revolutionary observation. Unless you happen to live on some island somewhere conveniently populated with genetic clones of yourself, sooner or
If you’re one of those humans lucky enough to have a cat in your life, you’re probably familiar with those “moody days”. One day they’ll be all over you for chin scratches and belly rubs and
Our culture is an odd place when it comes to “finding a romantic connection” (I always wanted to use that phrase). On the one hand, it’s probably never been easier to find a connection. We’
Figuring out ​how much to feed a Golden Retriever Puppy​ isn’t an easy business. In fact, adding to the complexity, it’s not just an issue of how much food, but what kind and when. Not only th
In the United States and Western Europe alone, US $100 billion is spent each year on the treatment of people who have suffered from a stroke. It affects over 15 million people per year and is a worsen
Starting a franchise offers several advantages over going it alone. You inherit a sales & marketing model. You walk into a business where there’s a body of knowledge about what works and what do
For close to two hundred years, humans have been obsessed with making a vehicle which works equally well on the ground and in the air. We’ve failed at it. A lot! The history of flying vehicles is li
In the first half of 2017 alone, an estimated $3.5 billion was invested in healthcare technology. While it’s difficult to estimate the trajectory of this huge and rapidly growing market, it’s safe
Electric cars have been around for over one hundred years but as little as a decade ago they were seen as not much more than a novelty. Today, electric car technology is on the verge of supplanting co
Pop-ups are one of the most common computer problems you’re likely to face. Almost everyone has experienced that irritating moment where you’re minding your own business surfing the Internet, and
If you’re planning to sell your home, having a few smart features could sweeten the deal and make it that much easier to sell. Here’s our list of the five best smart upgrades to look into if you
We know amazing Black Friday deals are supposed to start at 12:01 Friday and not a moment sooner ... but ... I'll be honest ... we just got tired of waiting!
At some point you’ve probably stumbled across the term, Multi-level marketing (or MLM). This is a business strategy where people have the opportunity to sell a product on behalf of a business, usual
When it comes to technology, there’s a proverb called “Murphy’s Law” which kind of rings true: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. As downbeat as that sounds, there’s a grain of
Devising a new room layout is one of those strange design activities which manages to be both creatively rewarding and deceptively tedious. There’s no question that it’s exciting to recreate a liv
If you’re anything like me, the thought of projecting your consciousness into a robot will send a happy shiver of “what if” down your spine. Ever since I discovered Doctor Who and the joys of sc
Thinking of bringing a dog into your life for the first time? Being a first time dog owner is a big deal! It’s an exciting process to settle on the breed you feel will work best for you and your fam
So you’ve been on the hunt for a big dog to join your family and you’ve decided it’s a matter of Gordon Setter vs Irish Setter​. At first glance, these dogs seem very alike—both in their app
As we hit the middle of 2018, we can safely say that the idea of jetting around in a flying car is not such a crazy notion. The development of technology on many fronts - from nanotechnology to autono
Nanotechnology refers to the production and application of materials at an atomic or molecular scale. While the concept of manipulating materials at an infinitesimal scale was formulated in the 1950s,
Your garden variety limousine is fancy, sure. But a standard limo is not going to make passers by theatrically remove their sunglasses and stare in slack-jawed wonder as it rolls past. It’s a limous
Well, Summer vacation is just about over. Time to jump start our kids’ brains back into learning mode! But before you gear yourself up to prize those tablets from their clammy game-playin’ fingers
I live out in the desert. It’s beautiful and quiet but with the critters surrounding my home, I’m determined not to let my cats stray beyond my backyard. The problem is, for a long time my male be
Not everyone jumped at cryptocurrencies the moment the concept burst onto the scene. The fact is, there are early adopters and then there’s that second wave of people stalwartly bringing up the rear
Rootkits are a particularly nasty piece of malware which operate at the administrator level of a computer or network of computers. Owing to their privileged level of access to your computer’s softwa
Like leaving a bumper assortment bag of candy bars just lying around, leaving young kids unattended with an iPhone is kind of inviting trouble. It only takes a few wrong finger taps for things to star
Security is a challenge for any networked technology. However, neurotechnology raises the stakes considerably by introducing the possibility that our very thoughts might be invaded and possibly compro
What if I told you that there is a gift that you can get last minute, which is perfect for anyone on your list, and that will be remembered well past the holidays? Urban legend? Fairytale? Au contrair
Blockchain is everywhere. Recently, an iced tea company rebranded itself as "Long Blockchain" and its stock price tripled overnight. right now, for good or ill, Blockchain is one of those trending, bu
If you’re interested in home comforts and cool gadgetry, it’s likely you’re well acquainted with some of the amazing new smart technologies which can make the inside of your home more comfortabl
In November 2017, with much fanfare computer game titan Electronic Arts (EA) released a long- awaited game title: Star Wars Battlefront II. Star Wars fans and gamers alike eagerly descended on the gam
Whistler Blackcomb is one of the best ski resorts in the world and it’s one of the jewels in North America’s snowboarding crown (I’ve always wanted to say that). Featuring three glaciers, 37 lif
Computers are a complex system of hardware components. Each has its own specific job and all work together in harmony to place a world of computery awesomeness at your fingertips. This is all great wh
Right now, neurotechnology is a catalyst for some pretty amazing changes — not just in relation to the cool devices we will have at our disposal, but to society at large. One such innovation wit
The Weimardoodle combines two intelligent and active dog breeds into one package. With its intelligent eyes and long face, the Weimardoodle’s poodle heritage is unmistakable. Yet, the Weimaraner inf
Norwex is a cleaning company. Wait! Come back! It’s true, most people aren’t going to include cleaning stuff in their top three fun and exciting things to do. Cleaning is what you do after the fun
So if you’re anything like us, you’re probably in mild shock right now that it’s October. What happened to February through September? Still, ready or not, giant plastic skeletons have already t
In its 2018 review, the International Energy Agency described Australia’s energy situation as “paradoxical”. While the country is rich in energy yielding resources, in recent years neither its p
Through neurotechnology, we will see an ever-increasing number of devices controlled by thought, from toasters to game controllers and ultimately, to more complex systems such as our computers and the
Today, neurotechnology is already beginning to play a direct role in how athletes train and excel. If we indulge ourselves and imagine where all of this might be going, it’s not unreasonable to thin
We are seeing neurotechnology do some amazing stuff but it is precisely because of its amazing potential that some people are experiencing fear about what the future may hold. Change can be scary! How
Whether you love them, hate them (or regard them with complete indifference), holiday celebrations are an undeniable reality of many company cultures. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas — when the s
It was in the deep primordial past of 2017 that the Delta crypto app first burst onto the scene and into the hearts and minds of investors needing a better crypto portfolio tracker. Delta is designed
If you're having a conversation about human progress in storing and sharing information, a few high-water marks are likely to spring to mind. If you're an ancient history buff, you're probably going t
A network card (short for network interface card) is the hardware which connects your desktop computer to the Internet. On most desktops these days (particularly the recent ones), the network card wil
Chances are, you’ve heard the word “influencer” being bandied about recently. If you’re a bit puzzled why this perfectly harmless verb has suddenly become a slightly ominous noun, this article
My cat stared suspiciously at the big orange crate in the corner of the living room. I’d tried everything I could think of. I strategically positioned her favorite toy mouse on top of it. I laid out
This guide, we think, is long overdue! In our fifteen plus years of repairing computers, we’ve noticed there’s a lot of uncertainty about what you can reasonably expect from a computer repair serv
Purchasing a new computer is exciting stuff. Walking down aisle after aisle of glittering new computers with their gorgeous high-res screens, crystal clear sound and flashy keyboards is enough to send
A recent highly reputable scientific study found that every time you buy your dad a tie or cologne for Father’s Day, a small but irreplaceable part of his heart breaks just a little. That’s not fa
These days, most computer users can’t get by without a generous number of available USB ports. After all, almost any kind of data storing device you’re likely to use on a daily basis plugs into on
The first computer hard drive sported a whopping data storage capacity of 5 megabytes - roughly the data needed to download this song from Youtube. It weighed about 550 pounds (which is about 3.57 Ric
For all the Chihuahua owners out there, we have good news! The Chihuahua lifespan is arguably the longest in the canine kingdom. All things being well, you can expect your diminutive companion to stic
As many as​ ​30% to 50%​ of cats 15 years of age or older have chronic kidney disease (CKD). While CKD is a serious condition requiring ongoing management, the good news is there are many treatm
When it comes to energy, we inventive humans have dug a hole for ourselves. On the one hand, we need more of it. A lot more. Every year, demand for energy rises sharply. On the other hand, the more fu
Using a computer that’s full of old, poor quality software is like living in a beautiful mansion filled with cheap patio furniture. It’s amazing how many people end up in exactly this situation th
When looking at smart home technology it’s easy to focus on the upfront costs of getting all that cool technology installed. Don’t get us wrong, it’s sensible to think that way! Unless you’re
There’s a lot of free software out there on the Internet. Some of it is pretty good. Very occasionally, you may even stumble across a software freebie which is amazing and you’ll wonder how you ev
There’s a lot of commentary on the promise of neurotechnology in augmenting our intelligence and gaining access to more information. But we aren’t Vulcan. Intelligence and raw calculating power is
There’s a lot to love about Summer. Blue skies, golden evenings and the complete absence of additional thermal under-garments are a siren call to all but the most indoorsy of nerds. The problem is,
The motor vehicle industry is experiencing radical change at an unprecedented pace. An obvious force behind this change is the ridiculous rate of technological advancement we're seeing in battery tech
Behind the scenes, a lot more is going on when you hit that switch! Your computer’s power supply is designed to do one job really well. It converts the alternating current (AC) power of your electri
The brain is the most complex system in the known universe. We are on the glowing, LED-illuminated edge of what publicity-minded futurists have dubbed “The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a revolution
Let’s be honest here. Buying a new PC is exciting. Absolutely, it’s a decision best made with a good dollop of sensibleness. At the same time though, there’s just so much cool, flashy stuff to c
A virus is a malicious type of software. It’s usually made up a small piece of code which attaches itself to harmless software. Whenever the harmless software is run, the virus runs too. Usually (th
Today, the Chihuahua is one of the most popular small-dog breeds. With their giant personalities and indomitable approach to life, these tiny dogs are beloved pets all over the world. But where did th
It’d be nice to think that our neurotechnological future of networked thinking will be a utopia in which we pursue our life’s passions unsullied by the grubbiness of money and marketing. But let
At the beginning of 2018, the crypto-market capital was estimated at close to $650 billion. This is the highest it has been in the history of cryptocurrency and represents an extraordinary level of gr
Your computer’s motherboard (also referred to as a mainboard) is the big slab of complicated circuitry which forms the main hub of your computer. Everything your computer does, from communicating wi
Neurotechnology has the potential to bring great change to our lives, not just because it will allow us to interact more easily with technology but because by definition, the technology interacts dire
Photography is a wonderful hobby, and it needn’t be just for the adults! Our 6-year-old is obsessed with taking photos and videos. She’ll fill up the memory of every photo-capturing device in our
Black Friday is one of those days a lot of folks equally love and hate. On the good side, it’s a day where, with just a bit of luck and planning, you can land a truly frabjous deal. On the less good