6 Indie Films You Must Watch Before You Die – Film Threat

I can’t tell you exactly why, but I’ve always found there’s something compelling and hypnotic about hunting for that hidden gem of an indie film. Unfettered by big studio money and unconstrained by the claustrophobic restrictions of “what sells,” indie films are inherently hit or miss. The

How to Maximize A Holiday Party on a Limited Budget – OnDeck

Whether you love them, hate them (or regard them with complete indifference), holiday celebrations are an undeniable reality of many company cultures. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas — when the silly season hits, work life can seem like a relentless parade of tinsel, paper plates and sensibly c

5 Of The Most Expensive Limos On The Planet – Gauge Magazine

Your garden variety limousine is fancy, sure. But a standard limo is not going to make passers by theatrically remove their sunglasses and stare in slack-jawed wonder as it rolls past. It’s a limousine —not a giant golden chariot drawn by six warrior maidens riding majestic snow leopards. There

Apps for a Night on the Town

Going out for a night on the town is cool. Well, it can be. Is it just me or can it also be kind of hard work? I mean, it’s all well and dandy to put your fancy shoes on and head out into the big city, but without a plan of attack you could well end up sitting in Taco Bell at 9 pm with nothi

Charging what you’re worth: lessons from a vacuum cleaner

Years ago, I owned a vacuum cleaner. To be clear, I didn’t buy it. Nor do I have any recollection of someone giving it to me. One day I looked in my closet and simply discovered it nonchalantly resting against a wall. It seemed rude to question its right to be there.

Four Key Continuous Learning Lessons From A Cat

My cat is easily the most “together” person I’ve ever met. She’s always well-groomed. She’s rarely late. She’s religious about getting twelve hours of sleep every night, yet manages to maintain a peak level of fitness. Her persuasion skills are the stuff of legend. She’s also an expert