Getting the word out about your ICO. Finding a better way.

A few years ago, starting up an ICO might have seemed a pretty unique strategy, and a great way to simultaneously side step the enormous financial obstacles of becoming a public traded company while trying something new. These days, those advantages still apply – but wow is it a crowded space! 

There’s a clamor of ICOs seeking investor attention. You have one elevator pitch and these days, that elevator moves pretty dang fast. How can you separate yourself from the pack? Fortunately, new tools are coming into play which will provide people with more sophisticated ways to promote their ideas and gain solid backing. 

Telling a story and getting it out there

One of the most common pieces of advice you’ll find out there is that it’s no longer enough to have a good idea. It’s not even enough to be able to accurately describe that idea. What an ICO needs is a story. Where did your idea spring from? What is your vision for the future? Who are the people behind the story of your ICO and what led you to this point? These are the context-setting particulars the experts point to in building enthusiasm behind an eye. 

Then there’s the small matter of actually getting your story out there! This is where innovative new platforms are about to make life a lot easier. Future1Coin is one such company working to integrate marketing tools into their cryptocurrency investment platform. One such tool will be an affiliate platform for ICOs. This will allow ICO’s to more readily raise funds through leveraging the enthusiasm of supporters who are willing to help tell the ICO’s story to the right people.

Building trust with investors

Another huge obstacle, sadly, is trustworthiness. Or perhaps more accurately, a lack of it. As recently discussed in a useful Blockgeeks article, ICOs have a real problem with generating trust among investors.

“Unfortunately, because of the unregulated nature of the ICOs and the sheer amount of money to be made in this space, it does attract a lot of scammers. If you are investing in an ICO then you would want some assurances on your end that all the funds that you are going to invest are going to be used in a right way.” 

Again, part of the answer to this for future ICOs may be to take advantage of a cryptocurrency investment platform. Future1Coin is developing an authentication process for ICOs in which their good governance, financial stability and ethical track record can all be verified. This official endorsement of an ICO as a safe bet for investors has great potential to remove distrust as a reason not to invest. 

Finding your target audience

Another critical challenge any new ICO faces is first defining and then finding its target audience.

Integrated cryptocurrency marketplaces have the potential to make this process much more straightforward. Why? Because it offers an opportunity for buyers and sellers to occupy the same space. 

The goal of Future1Coin is to set up a one stop shop for cryptocurrency. From novice to experts, the goal is that you need not visit any other site, platform or expert. This means there’s greater opportunity not just for finding trustworthy dynamic investment opportunities, but also for being found if that is what you have to offer.

Cryptocurrencies are receiving unprecedented levels of attention from new investors.  Future1Coin looks set to offer new investors a platform providing a wealth of tools across multiple instruments and allowing them to lay their money down safely and effectively.