I grew up with my face perpetually plastered inside a book. I was that kid who got detention for sneak-reading “Lord Of The Rings” in math class.

I spent a chunk of years juggling the usual lifey things while building up a career in health and technology. I gained weight then lost it again. I had a brief but intense roller blade phase somewhere in the late nineties which came to an abrupt close when I caught sight of my reflection in a shop window. I started to wear glasses. Then I was 35.

At some point between roller blades and glasses I began to write. At first it was the usual gateway stuff: reports, newsletters, website copy. “It’s all for work,” I told myself - perfectly harmless. But it escalated quickly. Soon I was experimenting with the harder stuff. Sales pitches, essays, articles - even the occasional salty limerick. I was voracious. I began to say things like “call to action” and “story arc” and wore a beret (OK that last bit didn’t happen).

Now I’m in my forties, a full-time freelance writer and in moments of weakness I still ask myself if it’s time to give wheeled footwear another chance.

Slick, salesy copy writing drives people nuts. Even worse, it’s everywhere. Drop me a line and let’s start up a conversation about how we can make your product fresh and interesting.

You can email me at mlambertfreelance@gmail.com.