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I'm a conversational copywriter. When you get down to brass buckles, that means I try to write as though I'm communicating with you, rather than at you. Sure, I may know something the reader doesn't — or be revealing a perspective they hadn't previously considered — but none of that changes the simple fact that as a conversational writer, I'm experiencing the story with you. It's showing, not telling. Sharing, not explaining. Entertaining, not instructing. It's powerful, because it invites the reader to come along for the ride.


I'm versatile! But here are some of the writing styles I use often and well.


Expert: A trustworthy expert sitting down with the reader to share his hard-won experience in an informal but professional manner. Check out a sample here.


Futurist: Delivering a balanced and informed assessment of where technology might take us — ten, twenty, even fifty years from now. Here's an example


Nerd: A friendly nerd who'll give you on-point advice on how to use your technology while dropping the occasional corny Star Wars reference. Here's what that looks like


Eccentric: A reflective voice, drawing from unusual connections in technology, history and personal experience to offer a different perspective. Curious? Check it out