I’m a seasoned copywriter and editor, experienced in finding fresh angles on technology and how it shapes modern life. My personal history brings flavor and personality to my writing. I’ve traveled a lot, worked in senior management and have years of experience working with disadvantaged communities in Third World countries. I’m also a huge geek. This puts me in a good position to tell compelling stories about technology, the future and why readers should care.

My email is: mlambertfreelance@gmail.com. If you'd like me to work for you, just drop me a line!

Styles I Enjoy (and Do Pretty Dang Well IMHO)

Expert: A trustworthy expert sitting down with the reader to share his hard-won experience in an informal but professional manner. Check out a sample here.


Futurist: Delivering a balanced and informed assessment of where technology might take us — ten, twenty, even fifty years from now. Here's an example


Nerd: A friendly nerd who'll give you on-point advice on how to use your technology while dropping the occasional corny Star Wars reference. Here's what that looks like


Eccentric: A reflective voice, drawing from unusual connections in technology, history and personal experience to offer a different perspective. Curious? Check it out

My Specializations

I deliberately don't specialize. I prefer to keep my reading and writing broad, because I love a good tangent. We open a book for one idea, but we keep reading when we're surprised. Here are some of my main content specializations.