Hi! I’m a conversational copywriter! I specialize in writing which creates a strong connection with readers.
Using a tricky assortment of dramatic narrative techniques, I can:

Show rather than tell your readers that your product is exciting and interesting

Build rather than force conversations and engagement about you and your product

Compel rather than bore your target-audiences with well-researched keywords and phrases

Innovate rather than regurgitate content so that it doesn’t read like the same tired, old sales pitch.

I can do this for you because I’m not first and foremost a copywriter. I draw from a much older and richer tradition: story-telling. Pressure sales pitches and dull, lifeless copy just won't cut it these days but a good story told in a bold, conversational way will always draw a crowd to your front door.

"Mark is a master of the English language. Have your message stand out in front of your audience. Have it served in an appetizing way. Mark not only does the job, he will think through it and be keen to create new opportunities. Last but not least, he's fun to talk to."

Tomáš Zukal, Operations Manager, Improveo

"Mark is an exceptional writer. He was able to adopt our brand's personality effortlessly. His work needs very little if any editing and always meets his deadlines."

Ryan Eldridge, Chief Strategist, Squirrel Digital Media

"The communication is perfect - he always updates you on progress, reports any issues, gives suggestions, etc. He is one of the few copywriters I know who actually follows the guidelines and delivers top quality content in a very timely manner. On top of that, he is so much fun to work with!"

Hanna Sobolewska, Content Marketer

"Mark is an immensely creative professional author who I've been fortunate enough to work with on several projects, I can always trust him to do a great job and I hope to have the pleasure of reading more of his writing in future."

John O’Mara, Director of FabulousPanda Ltd

"Mark added great value to the article. He was able to write clear, engaging copy which appealed to the target audience and made it easier to understand. I would highly recommend his services."

Jack, Project Management Consultant

I can't even start expressing how thankful I am to be working with Mark. His articles are just bestsellers, the way he has edited all of our articles and papers is just WOWWWWW! I am truly amazed by Mark's talent and I admire his work so much! Thank you Mark, for all your hard work and invaluable input.

Alexander Ovcharenko, Developer at Neurogress

Here's the 5 ways I can write killer conversational copy for you


I’ll build a story which surrounds your idea with color and context
If there's one, single "thing" which transforms boring copy into a piece of art which people actually want to read, it's story. The first thing I'll do is work with you to find story angles; ways of seeing your product which make it pop. I'll be looking for ways to bring all five senses into your product or idea. I'll be looking for transformations and realizations. We'll find those secret nuggets of story-telling goodness which can make your product or service come alive.


I’ll work with you to create tension, drama and narrative triggers
Once the key beats in your story are revealed, I'll be able to build powerful messages for you which leverage tension, drama and narrative. Your product or service won't just be a commodity with a crummy price tag stuck onto it with a bit of sticky tape! What we'll build is a series of punchy calls to action which will knock the socks off your competitors. Why? Because your copy will be telling a story and your product will be center stage.

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I’ll create copy which brings people into your world
What happens next is the bit where things get really exciting. The color, the tension and the narrative coalesce into a rich and vibrant world your readers are actually going to be excited to inhabit. I'm not going to talk at your customers. I'm not going to thrust free steak knives in your customer's faces. I won't make a sales pitch to them which smacks of polyester suits, cheap cologne and desperation. Instead I'll tell them a story. One where your product makes a difference. The coolest part? It'll all be true!


We’ll analyze where the conversation is heading and create new surprises
The next step is an important one. Every good story needs a sequel. I'll work with you to analyze which parts of your story resonate the strongest with your readers. Then we double down. We'll find new twists to your story beats and surprise your customers into paying attention all over again. This iterative process of message refinement and story expansion will keep your readers on their toes, wondering what's coming next.

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I’ll make your product unique
Once I'm done with your copy, you won't just have a compelling, selling story to tell. You'll have a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. My goal is to work with you to build up an identity which is rich, colorful and unique.

If you're excited, if you're mildly interested, even if you're simply bemused about the services I offer, I'd love to chat.